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About Horizon 238

Horizon 238, why this name?

We chose this name because it evokes both a future of limitless opportunities and a resource, uranium 238, which is a solution to the challenges of the future.

Do you receive financial support from Belgian nuclear companies?

No. Horizon 238 is an independent think tank and a citizen’s initiative supported by the volunteering efforts of its members.

The initiative began with a group of colleagues from the nuclear industry who were also friends outside of work, but quickly grew to include members of other professions. None of us receive compensation for our contribution, nor does the organization receive financial support from external entities.

Finally, Horizon 238 is an unincorporated association and is therefore not eligible for any type of funding.

Do Horizon 238 members work in the nuclear sector?

Nuclear energy is a passion and a specialty for many of us who are fortunate enough to work in our field of interest.

Clearly, there are members within our association who are employed by private companies in the nuclear sector in Belgium. However, the contributions of our members reflect solely their own views as engaged citizens on the energy transition debate. We don’t have any mandate from external entities in the topics we deal with.

This independence is something we value because it is what gives credit to our action. All of our contributions are made on our personal time and energy. One of the positive aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic is that we have a lot of long and free evenings to think and write 🙂

Are you politically affiliated?

No. Our members even have a wide coverage of political views. We consider this to be a strength. Our arguments are based on science and therefore as factual as possible.

Horizon 238 was created in response to the government’s decision to pursue nuclear phase-out by 2025. As a think tank, our goal is to share factual information with everyone interested in the subject and to spark enriching debates that move things forward. Therefore, some of our interactions are indeed oriented toward the politics. As explained on our homepage, one of our objectives is to amend the nuclear phase-out law of 2003.

What distinguishes you from other pro-nuclear associations?

At the beginning, we were all young engineers. This may be the reason why our publications are sometimes considered too technical 😉

Over time, we were joined by young people from more diverse backgrounds. We intend to continue this momentum and to further diversify our team. What we have in common is the conviction that renewable energies and nuclear power must work together to decarbonize our society. 

How can I join you?

Drop us an email at contact@horizon238.org, we will be happy to meet you!

Our team

Stéphanie Brine

Jacques Combette

Florence Dandoy

Dries Peeters

Gert Pille

Vincent Van der Heyden

Lancelot de Halleux

Arnaud Paquet


Célestin Piette


Anicet Touré


Join Horizon 238

We are convinced that the younger generation has an important role to play in the energy transition. 

You share our vision and want to make your voice heard too?
You want to contribute to the demystification of nuclear power in our society?

Contact us! We look forward to meeting you.

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